Yng Guang has been founded in the center of Taiwan since 1960 and has become the leader in casting acrylic for electronic, optics, furniture, marine and other sectors in Taiwan. Our products include LED, SCAN, and PCB.

  Bringing the advanced technology and skills from Japan, we specialize in manufacture of cast acrylic sheets. The thickness of the acrylic sheets is from 1.0 mm. to 125 mm. the usages of customers in terms of requirements for strength, UV cut and durability are our challenges.

Researching and developing acrylic products of various applications and functions for over 50 years. Our products include UV cut sheets, 94V0 fire resistant sheets, marine acrylic tunnel, optics concave-convex lenses, transmission optics sheets, printed circuit boards, and submarine periscope thick sheets.

Our customer base is global both in size and operation. We export products to the U.S., Canada, Japan, and over 20 countries in Asia.

Yng Guang acrylic products have successful in inspection and certification from the U.S. UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.), ISO 7823 of the UK, CE (European conformity) of Germany, and ISO 9002.

Quality, growth, responsibility, and sustainability are our central believes. Our aims for products are high quality, efficiency and to meet customers’ needs. Yng Guang keeps improving to maintain the standard of quality and to control the cost.

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